Voices from across the sea

I got this from my cousin in The States.
In our tradition we are commanded to be a light, a beacon to the Nations (
אור לגויים)
People are noticing what is going on here.

I so wish the people in this country would get their heads out of their asses and do something like this !
It seems we only hear from the right winged nut-cases. People here are upset and unfortunately so misguided. Blaming the wrong people/person for our troubles.

I am a nurse.
I work hard for my patients and my family.
I make "ok" money but still not enough to support us and I have failed my family.

We live in a country of "riches" and "prosperity"…a joke!
My husband is only able to get part time work that pays next to nothing and it is just not enough.
We have been homeless since June 27 and through the kindness of friends have been allowed to live in their home.
I am 40 years old and if you had asked me 5 years ago, even a year ago, I would have told you this would never happen to me.
Well, it has. And, I am emotionally and physically drained from it.

I am done hearing the "politics" of this.
It is real. People, regular everyday people, are suffering.
I care for some of these people on a daily basis.

Whenever our President even speaks of empathy and humanity for people in these situations he is immediately dismissed.
It sickens me to see these people on Capital Hill argue and fight for their own political gain while claiming to be speaking "for the people". If more Americans truely understood what all this was about and not listen to the parties spin on things they would see that its not about being right or wrong its about us all coming together for the people of this country.


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