Letter From America

And this is from my uncle

I have been following the vents in Israel and certainly find them inspiring as well. There are indeed similar rumblings going on here in the USA. (Facebook can certainly be shallow much of the time, but there has been increased chatter along those lines on FB and lots of posts from around the world…)

The Tea Party has rapidly decreasing support.
Be glad to see them gone!
There are progressive/populist elements and of course folks like Al Gore trying to place themselves at the head of the parade – he recently called for an American Spring.
When that parade gets going all the so-called political leaders will be swept aside as they have been  in the world.

We may have all come from different ships, but we’re on the same boat now.

– Martin Luther King, Jr

… and in his Blog he writes

Mass Movements and Street Actions

Wide scale dissatisfaction often leads to mass demonstrations. Where the conditions are ripe, mass demonstrations can bring about regime change. The Arab Spring started in Tunisia has been felt around the world. European youth are camping in the streets. Some participants in the Peace Movement in Mexico credit the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt as their inspiration. This can all be very exhilarating. We too have plenty of reason to take our issues to the street, but street action alone, even when governments are toppled, is not enough to bring about the sorts of changes that we require.

Mass demonstrations in the USA have been effective as a mechanism of opposition as in the Vietnam era anti-war movement and the anti-nuclear demonstrations. We certainly need to be in position to mobilize supporters and work in conjunction with others around a wide array of key issues. The building of our alternative economy helps create a base for mass organizing. The focus however must remain on the medium and long term development of a true alternative to the deteriorating established institutions.